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SEO Website Management & Promotion

You may have an existing website that already looks fantastic... but that doesn't help if no one can find it on one of the major search engines such as google or bing!

We can help put your website on the search engine map by optimising specific keywords that your target audience are looking for. For instance if you specialise in chilled distribution - your clients might use the following search terms "chilled food distribution london" if you are not on the first page 90% of people won't find your website.

This is where we come into the picture, by optimising your website with the right keywords, we connect you to your potential clients:

  • Website Content Optimisation (keyword integration)
  • Blogging, Articles & linked ads
  • Regional Configuration (improve incoming local searches)
  • Relevant Link building (incoming links from other sites)
  • Social Media Management (Facebook fan page, twitter etc)
  • Free business directory listings across multiple portals

By managing specific elements of your website, as well as integrating with social media services such as facebook, your website will have a true online presence.